Background Checks for Nannies, Better Safe Than Sorry

Background Checks for Nannies

Background Checks for Nannies

Did you know that not all background checks for nannies are created equal? There is not a standardized way of doing background checks in the nanny industry. Many companies and internet search sites such as Care.com offer background checks which make you feel a sense of safety in your search for a great nanny. Before you relax in your nanny search ask these important questions.

  • Do you verify nanny’s identity based on her social security number?
  • Do you check every county nanny has lived in for the past seven years based on her social security number?
  • Do you also check the National Criminal Database?
  • Is a motor vehicle report included in this report? Many nannies who pass a standard background check will fail this check due to a DUI, DWI, excessive driving tickets, ticket for texting while driving, or a suspended license.

The cost of the background check for your nanny candidate will give you some indication of the level of screening that is being done. A comprehensive background check for a nanny, that offers everything listed above, cannot be done for under $100 per candidate. If you are on an internet site that is offering a background check for $25-$35, know that this is only checking your local county and will not pull criminal records from any other counties that nanny has lived in recently.

We worked with a family that had young toddler twin girls. They had hired a mature woman from Care.com who has excellent nanny references. After one of the girl had an “accident” which broke a bone in her little arm, the family installed nanny cams. The dad was watching the nanny cam from work one day and saw the nanny slap one of the girls across the face and curse at her. Needless to say it was later found this nanny could not have passed a comprehensive background check. Nurturing Nannies was able to provide this family with a nanny who had a masters degree in teaching and stayed with them until the girls went to school.

Nurturing Nannies offers not only the comprehensive background checks listed above, we also add another layer of protection with an optional 10 panel drug screening. When it comes to the safety of children we believe it is always better to be safe than sorry. By paying a little extra for a high quality, comprehensive background check for nannies, you can have peace of mind for your little ones which in the end is priceless. For more information call Nurturing Nannies at 210-825-4124