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Qualities Needed to Become a Professional Nanny

When you are choosing your life’s work it is important to find a career that brings you joy. Every one of us has personality traits and natural gifts that should guide us in choosing a career path. Let’s take a closer look at the qualities that make an exceptional nurturing nanny.

A Genuine Love of Children

This trait cannot be overstated enough. It is the number one most important quality that a nanny must have.  Children are energy sponges. They absorb the energy of those around them and reflect it back.  If you take a job as a nanny because you feel it is beneficial financially, but in reality you are counting the minutes till you are off every day, you will never be truly successful as a nanny.  You may be able to earn a paycheck but the children will know if you are genuinely present with them, if you really care. Their behavior will be a direct reflection of your love for your job as their caretaker.


As a professional nanny many times you will be asked to bring order out of chaos. Families today are literally drowning under the weight of work schedules, child care and home responsibilities.  Children thrive when they have a predictable schedule and an environment that is orderly.  Successful nannies will be able to plan out a daily schedule of activities, meals, nap times and keep a written log for parents to view at the end of each day.

Good Communication

Good communication is crucial to a strong nanny/parent relationship.  As a parent it can be incredibly difficult to trust someone with the care of your child. You can build trust with the parent by keeping a clear line of communication open every day. I tell every family I work with that I understand that these are their children and I honor their wishes in all the daily care of their children. It is just as important to be a good listener as it is to speak.


When you are in someone’s home everyday it is easy to become so comfortable that you forget that you are an employee and not a member of their family.  The family may even encourage this by telling you to help yourself to their food, make yourself at home or acting as if it is no problem if you are late.  A professional nanny treats every family with the utmost respect and professionalism.  While your family will ideally become dear to your heart, you must never forget that they are your employer. They are always evaluating your behavior and determining if you are the best person to care for their child. A professional nanny is clean and neatly dressed, shows up promptly, is reliable, plans out age appropriate activities for the children and always leaves the house picked up and the kitchen clean at the end of the day.

This is a brief introduction to the qualities that will make you successful in your career as a professional nanny.