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Nurturing Nannies training modules provide tools and essential information to bring you success in your professional nanny career. At Nurturing Nannies we feel that in order to be a true, professional nanny you must have these three key personality traits;

  • The first is a deep abiding love for children. It must be a passion and joy for you to watch them grow and nurture their minds and bodies. Deciding to be a nanny should never be a decision you make based on money. It must be a decision made because your heart loves children.
  • Second, you must have the ability to be patient. Being a nanny is a bit like being a gardener. You must realize that it takes patience, care and attention for a seed to grow.
  • The third key ingredient is a commitment to always continue learning. Just like any other professional career, in order to succeed, you must commit to ongoing education and expansion of your knowledge.

As childcare professionals with over 30 years of experience, we would like to offer you ongoing education & tutorials. These will range from short videos to downloadable PDF classes that can be purchased for a small fee. We will be updating this material frequently. Some information may only be available for limited time periods so be sure to download the ones that interest you as they become available. We offer the option of a nanny training module test with a certificate for your nanny portfolio with every class.

Just click on the arrow to the right the drop down menu located below.  Choose the Nanny Training Module option you would like and click the Buy Now button. You will be taken to Pay-Pal where you can pay for the class with a debit or a credit card. We will email you the class when we receive this payment.


Early Infant Care Skills Class

Cost: $48 PDF Module Only, $58 PDF Module w/test & certificate

The newborn skills module provides a comprehensive toolbox that will allow you to provide professional care for infants up to the age of three months. This class covers the complete puzzle of feeding, sleeping, health and development

Developmental Play Program for Babies 6 months – 18 months

Cost: $45 PDF Only, $55 PDF w/test & certificate

This class contains information about how babies brains develop and learn. Important tools and learning strategies nannies and parents can use when doing developmental play with infants. Step-by-step activities you can do with baby using common household items and recyclable materials. Contains information on how to encourage a baby’s language, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Based on the book, Brain Rules for Baby by Dr. John Medina

Starting Baby on Solids

Cost: $23 PDF Module Only, $33 PDF Module w/test & certificate

Covers every aspect of safely feeding baby solids. When to start, what food is best, preparation, safety, preparing fresh food, recipes, how to integrate milk and food so all calorie needs are met.

Positive Discipline, Smart Brain Childcare Strategies

Cost: $38 PDF Module Only, $48 PDF Module w/test & certificate

This class covers a review of parenting/caregiver styles, positive discipline toolbox, teaches positive pressure techniques, natural consequences discipline and smart brain childcare strategies that can be modified according to the child’s age and development.

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